The art of hosting: conversations that matter

Professor Dennis Shirley


Dr Brenda Beatty

Brenda is director and designer of the highly regarded Monash Master in School Leadership, and Senior Lecturer for the Faculty of Education.  She lectures and conducts research on the emotions of leadership, leadership development, school improvement, creating collaborative cultures, organizational change, student sense of connectedness and well being at school and the use of interactive web-based technologies to support the development of professional learning communities. As an international scholar, guest lecturer and keynote speaker, she has presented her work in China, Ireland, England, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia and Italy.

Dr Mauvia Gallie

He is a senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria after completing service as Academic Manager of the Executive Leadership Program at the University of Witwatersrand and Director of the South African Council for Educators.

Professor Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin holds the Chair of Education (Assessment) at the University of Melbourne and is Director of the Assessment Research Centre. He is the Deputy Dean and Associate Dean for Knowledge Transfer in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He has published numerous books and journal articles on assessment and evaluation topics that include competency development, language proficiency, industrial literacy, school literacy and numeracy profile development, professional standards portfolio assessment and online assessment and calibration.

Professor Griffin has been awarded the John Smythe medal for excellence in research for his work on profiling literacy development and his work on profile reporting was identified in the annual 1996 yearbook of the American Society for Curriculum Development in Washington as world's best practice.  He is a project team leader for UNESCO in southern Africa, and was awarded, in 2005, a UNESCO Research Medal by the Ministers of Education from southern African nations. Professor Griffin is a World Bank consultant in Vietnam and China, leading national and international teams in studies of literacy and numeracy assessment and has developed a system of teacher assessment recently signed into law by the Vietnam Government to be applied to more than 380000 teachers and to be replicated in China. His work currently focuses on item response modelling applications in interpretive frameworks for criterion referenced performance and developmental competence assessment. He has also addressed major professional associations, and taught and conducted assessment and evaluation research projects in Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, the United States, Australia, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Canada and Britain. Professor Griffin is one of only six Australians admitted to the International Academy of Education. His current work includes the application of item response modelling to performance assessment and the development of professional standards for classroom teachers and educational managers in Australia, Vietnam and China.

Professor Neil Dempster

Neil Dempster is a Professor in Educational Leadership at Griffith University and former Dean of its Faculty of Education. His research interests are in leadership for learning, school governance, school improvement and the role that professional development plays in leadership, policy implementation and institutional change.