Objectives for 2003-2004

  • Circulate the revised draft to CCEAM membership
  • Ratification of the Constitution at the 2004 Conference


Outcome Indicators

  • Proposed amendments for CCEAM's 2004 Conference


Stakeholders - Policy governors & Others

  • CCEAM Board
  • Commonwealth Foundation


Clients - Direct recipients of services

  • Members of the CCEAM


Content - Nature of the service provided

  • Revised Constitution


Delivery- How the service is provided

  • Collaborative planning
  • Consultations with stakeholders



Jo Howse, President CCEAM, New Zealand
Toby Curtis, Vice President CCEAM, New Zealand
Patricia Sallis, Business Manager, New Zealand
Neil Cooper, CCEAM Board Member, New Zealand
Sam Busulwa, CCEAM Board Member, Uganda
Carolyn Shields, CCEAM Board Member, Canada
Sneha Joshi, CCEAM Board Member, India


Current Constitution (1996)
Amended Constitution (2003)