Fellowship Awards

Objectives for 2003-2004

  • Celebrate exemplary service in research and practice
  • Nominate exemplary members for external awards


Outcome Indicators

  • Award of CCEAM Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship recommendations
  • Effective Awards Ceremonies at Conference


Stakeholders - Policy governors & Others

  • CCEAM Board
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • Funding Agencies


Clients- Direct recipients of services

  • Financial members


Content - Nature of the service provided

  • Awards
  • Recommendations


Delivery - How the service is provided

  • Convene Fellows Committee
  • Coordinate Awards Ceremonies at Conference
  • Develop recommendations for Awardees



Jo Howse, President CCEAM and Chair, New Zealand
Petros Pashiardis, Executive Vice President CCEAM, Cyprus
Toby Curtis, Vice President CCEAM, New Zealand
Ray Auala, CCEAM Board Member, Namibia
Sneha Joshi, CCEAM Board Member, India
Kam-cheung Wong, CCEAM Board Member, Hong Kong