President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

We live in a world full of change, challenges, and opportunities. This is particularly evident in education throughout the world, including within the Commonwealth. It is the role of educational administrators and leaders to facilitate change, to respond to challenges, and to seek out and pursue opportunities for students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders in the pursuit of improved learning and educational outcomes.

As members of CCEAM, we are committed to promoting educational administration and leadership within local, national, regional, and international contexts and at all levels of education, including pre-primary, primary, secondary, and beyond. Our members work in schools, in regional offices, in government departments, in colleges and universities, and in community organizations.

CCEAM is prepared to play its role in contributing to the issues identified by the Commonwealth Ministers of Education. For example, our flagship publication, International Studies in Educational Administration, publishes three issues per year containing articles that share educational research and practice from colleagues from around the Commonwealth and the world. At our biennial conferences, we meet one another face to face to build personal and professional networks to advance learning and make progress towards such goals as quality, equity, and access as identified by the Commonwealth Ministers of Education. We do similar work within our national affiliates and encourage members to participate actively in the activities and initiatives organized by their national affiliates.

CCEAM is pleased to recognize the support of the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Foundation in carrying out its work. We also welcome the many relationships that we enjoy, both formally and informally, with colleagues and organizations outside of CCEAM. We are also committed to supporting the development of new national affiliates in Commonwealth countries not currently represented on the CCEAM Board.

The roots of CCEAM date back to the visionary work of Professor Bill Walker that led to its creation in 1970. The strength of the organization continues to flow both from the quality of the relationships between and among its members and from the leadership capacity building that its work continues to promote among educators worldwide.


Ken Brien

CCEAM President