Friday 1st October

Deep learning, rich understandings

Learning across boundaries: building bridges

Leadership and for, through, with, by, from learning

The art of hosting: conversations that matter

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10.10 - 11.00
12.40 - 13.30

Bayside Auditorium

Simon Breakspear


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Prof Dennis Shirley

Bayside 101
62 Theatre Style

David Rhodes

Charles Darwin University NT

Bridging the Educational Leadership Gap in a Remote Indigenous Community in Northern Australia

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Lawrie Drysdale

University of Melbourne VIC

Leaders of Change: Improving School Performance

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Bayside 102
156 Theatre Style

Vicky McGahey

Mater Maria Catholic College NSW

The Leadership Attributes Game

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Margaret Grogan

Claremont Graduate University USA

Generating the power of collective leadership for learning

Bayside 103
194 Theatre Style
Level 1

Prof Cher Ping Lim

Prof Neil Cranston


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Bayside 104
194 Theatre Style

Dorothy Andrews

University of Southern QLD

Tools for School Improvement: A Workshop Exploring Why, When and How to Use Them

Ann McIntyre

Department of Education & Training NSW

Aligning Teacher Leader and School Learning

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Bayside 105
156 Theatre Style

Kate Sutherland

Telopea Park School / Lycee Franco-Australien de Canberra ACT

Intercultural Leadership in an Australian Bicultural Setting -  A Case Study

Bruce Barnett

University of Texas at San Antonio USA

Higher Education Partnerships for Studying, Preparing and Developing Educational Leaders Around the World

Bayside 106
85 Theatre Style

Pam Hall

Forest Lake College QLD

Enabling and Enacting Cultural Change through Curriculum and Pedagogical Renewal

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Bayside 107
67 Theatre Style

Reynold Macpherson

Evaluator, Cornwall County UK

The Implications of Early Research Findings of the School-based Integrated Health Centres Project

Toni Meath

Nossal High School VIC

Nossal High School: The creation of a contemporary select high school for the third millennium - the wellbeing and curriculum implications

Bayside 108
67 Theatre Style

Rachel McNae

University of Waikato NZ

Inviting young people into leadership conversations: Seeking and engaging student voice to create meaningful leadership learning in schools

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John Craig

Agile Mind Development NSW

National Curriculum - Ride the wave and avoid another "treadmill"

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Bayside 201
100 Theatre Style

Peggy Mahy

Radford College ACT

Developing a Whole School Learner Profile - defining the Radford Learner

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Pauline Beverley

Growth Coaching International NSW

Building a Coaching Culture in Schools,  Case Studies from two New Zealand Schools

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Bayside 202
100 Theatre Style
Level 2

Jo Howse

Unitec  NZ

Conversations That Mattered:  New Zealand Tertiary

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Kathryn Cunich

Oxley College NSW

Unlocking Conversations: Brain power unleashed in the classroom

Bayside 203
100 Theatre Style
Level 2

Scott Eacott

The University of Newcastle NSW

Leading for quality education:  A partnership program between the University of Newcastle (Australia) and the Association of Teacher Education Institutions in Mindanao (Philippines)

Luke Sumich

Summerland Primary School NZ

Knowing what you don't know about your leadership, and putting it into action

Bayside 204 A
180 Theatre Style
Level 2

Tony Bush

University of Warwick UK

Succession planning for school principals: comparing English and South African approaches

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Adrian Lim

Ngee Ann Secondary School Singapore

Ngee Ann 2.0 - An Innovative Blueprint to Build a School of the Future by Harnessing New Web 2.0 Technologies

Bayside 204 B
180 Theatre Style
Level 2

Peter Noonan

Catholic Education Office WA

Collaborative Professional Learning: Hosting & Harnessing the Agenda

Carolyn Shields

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA

Transformative Leadership: Crossing Boundaries

Bayside Terrace
325 Classroom Style
Level 2

Dr Brenda Beatty

Dr Jan Robertson

Parkside G01 
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Craig McDowell

UC Education Plus, University of Canterbury NZ

Learning Conversations with Principals: Leadership in full flow

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Nicole Mengel

Australian National University ACT

Reaching Out to Others - The Power of Singing

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Parkside G02
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Stephen Winn

University of New England NSW

Virtual Synchronous Engagement of Professional Experience

Kerrie Ikin

Department of Education and Training NSW

Cyclical Reviews: The Influence on Participating Principals

Parkside G03
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Gary Crow

Indiana University USA

School Leaders' Identities: Connecting Urban Youth and Their Families to Learning

Martin Prew

Centre for Education Policy Development South Africa

CLING: A Model for Education Research in Fractured Communities or a Driver of Social Justice?

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Table No 1
Parkside Ballroom

Vitallis Chikoko

University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Does mentorship add value to in-service leadership development for school principals? Evidence from South Africa

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Indu Kothari

Rural Institute Udaipur (Raj) INDIA

Achieving Deep Learning with Student Team Work in Chemistry : paper based on  a Research Project

Table No 2
Parkside Ballroom

Deidre Le Fevre

University of Auckland NZ

Learning for Leadership: Prioritising Professional Development for School Leaders

Aravella Zachariou

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute CYPRUS

School leaders: The key to achieving Sustainable Development in Schools

Table No 3
Parkside Ballroom

Gael Donaghy

University of Waikato NZ

Reconceptualising Teacher Appraisal

Hemlata Talesra

College of Education INDIA

Harvesting of Human Personality through Science of Living

Table No 4
Parkside Ballroom

Daniele Vidoni

Italian National Institute for Educational Evaluation ITALY

Closing the gap: preliminary results of a system-wide program for promoting meritocracy in education in Italy

Deidre Le Fevre

University of Auckland NZ

Talking about Change Knowledge: The role of Leaders in Leading Change

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Table No 5
Parkside Ballroom

Ioannis Saviddes

Open University of CYPRUS

Modeling the relationship between Principals' Leadership Styles and Self-efficacy with Teachers' Self and Collective Efficacy

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Sheila Tiwari

President PAHEL Mumbai INDIA

Recent reforms in School Education in India-(Right to Education Bill 2009- Opportunities and Challenges)

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Table No 6
Parkside Ballroom

Sudha Sathaye

CCEAM Secretary Mumbai INDIA

Face Yoga

Helen Healy

Catholic Education Office TAS

Exploring the Effects of Curriculum Change in Primary Religious Education

Table No 7
Parkside Ballroom

Deborah Robertson

Australian Catholic University VIC

Hosting professional learning community meetings (PLCMs) for the harvesting of the benefits of teacher leadership

Gabriel Meapa

Dept of Education Papua New Guinea

Leading Cultural, Societal and Attitudinal change in 10,000 schools in PNG through Behaviour Management Programs

Table No 8
Parkside Ballroom

Hauwa Imam

University of Abuja NIGERIA

Towards a Policy of Promoting Reading in Universal Basic Education Delivery for Lifelong Learning in Nigerian Schools

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Pontso Moorosi

University of Warwick UK

Learning across boundaries: educational leadership development for change in Commonwealth countries

Table No 9
Parkside Ballroom

Jan Hargreaves

Indooroopilly State High School QLD

In what ways are students in our schools encouraged to construct an understanding of global citizenship from the leadership opportunities we provide?

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Andreas Tsiakkiros

Open University of CYPRUS

The views of Cyprus primary school principals on school improvement: Leadership for learning

Table No 10
Parkside Ballroom

Therese Keane

Keane on Learning VIC

Where is the ICT Leadership in schools?

Arthur Loughridge

St Joachim's Primary School VIC

Learning Rounds - Conversations for Improvement and Change

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Table No 11
Parkside Ballroom

Izhar Oplatka

Tel Aviv University ISRAEL

An instructional-leadership-based model of principal preparation program: Some insights from Israel and the US

Herveen Singh

Director of Leading for Equity, University of Toronto CANADA

Black Leadership Strategies: Seva-Centric Leadership--a South Asian Perspective

Table No 12
Parkside Ballroom

Bonnie Stelmach

University of Saskatchewan CANADA

Parent involvement in post-secondary education: The impact on administrative and academic personnel at four Western Canadian universities

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Anita Talesra

Joint Secretary, RCEAM & Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology,

M.L.S. University, Udaipur (Raj.)INDIA

Learning Across Boundaries Building Bridges : A way to a Quality Learning in India

Table No 13
Parkside Ballroom

Hemlata Talesra

College of Education INDIA

The Art of Hosting and harvesting conversations that matter is a new practice of democracy that we really need in the world now

Elizabeth Rhodes

Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School VIC

Leading for school improvement;  reflections along the way

Table No 14
Parkside Ballroom

Michele Morrison

University of Waikato NZ

Exploring the contextual nature of leadership experiences: Scoping a research inquiry

Peter Reynolds

C.Y. O'Connor Institute WA

Regional renewal through open learning: Repositioning a regional training college as a dual VET-Higher Education Institute

Table No 15
Parkside Ballroom

Susan Prior

Hillbrook Anglican School QLD

Listening to Intellectually Gifted Students Voices: Deep Learning, rich understandings

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Paraskevi Chatzipanagiotou

European University CYPRUS

The application of EFQM model in pre-school education

Table No 16
Parkside Ballroom

William Keane

Emmaus College VIC

Facilitating Learning Area Leadership in schools

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David Giles

University of Waikato NZ

Excavating and elevating student experience: Making space within a postgraduate educational leadership paper

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Table No 17
Parkside Ballroom

Rosemary Campbell-Stephens

Network for Black Professionals UK

Diverse leaders, leading differently