Thursday 30th September

Deep learning, rich understandings

Learning across boundaries: building bridges

Leadership and for, through, with, by, from learning

The art of hosting: conversations that matter

Time of session / Room Details

11.40 - 12.30

12.40 - 13.30

14.30 - 15.20

Bayside Auditorium

Mark Treadwell

Prof Emeritus Alan Reid

Dr Paul Brock


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Bayside 101
62 Theatre Style
Level 1

Maureen O'Rourke

EdPartnerships International VIC

Contemporary learning research project - systems learning from and with school communities

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David Giles

Faculty of Education, University of Waikato NZ

Becoming attuned to the nature and movement of relational experiences:  Exploring comportment in education

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Barbara and Jim Watterston

Centre for Strategic Education and DET ACT

Women in school leadership: journeys to success

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Bayside 102
156 Theatre Style
Level 1

Peter Crawford

Victor Harbor High School VIC

Learning Across boundaries A Bridge with Asia

Kate Thornton

New Zealand Educational and Administrative Leadership Society NZ

Facilitating leadership development using blended action learning

Kristine Needham

Growth Coaching International NSW

Commitment in practice: a coach/mentor program for newly appointed principals

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Bayside 103
194 Theatre Style
Level 1

Dominic Thurbon

Dr Al Bertani


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Prof Neil Dempster


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Bayside 104
194 Theatre Style
Level 1

Prof Rehabeam K Auala


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Cathy Symington

Nexus Point VIC

Generating engagement!

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Mark Lucas

Catholic Education Office NT

Walking Together:  Sharers of the Vision

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Bayside 105
156 Theatre Style
Level 1

Arlene Walsh

CCEAM South Africa

A lekgotla on Black Leadership in the 21st Century

Lawrie Drysdale

The University of Melbourne VIC

Successful School Principalship Across Countries

Duncan Waite

Texas State University USA

On the Shortcomings of Our Organizational Forms: With Implications for Educational Change and School Improvement

Bayside 106
85 Theatre Style
Level 1

Ben Sadiki

University of Venda South Africa

Managing Extra-Curricular Activities: A Challenge for Schools in Limpopo Province (South Africa)

Nana AP Boaduo FRC

Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha  INDIA

Learning acrosss boundaries: building bridges through the globalization of teacher education and training in the 21st century

Andrew MacLean

Beaconsfield State School QLD

Differentiated Teaching: Supporting whole-school Developmentally Appropriate Programming through effective pedagogical practice

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Bayside 107
67 Theatre Style
Level 1

Jacky Lumby

University of Southampton UK

Women's Representation and Experience in Educational Administration

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Caroline Brooks


Keepers of the Spark: Leadership through the Health and Physical Education Domain

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Enid Lee

Enidlee Consultants USA

Reality Check: Enhancing educational opportunities for and achievement of African Nova Scotian Learners

Bayside 108
67 Theatre Style
Level 1

John Bednall

Ballajura Community College  WA

Measuring value-adding: using phenomenology to honour the beliefs,  feelings and perceptions of students, teachers and parents about the experiences  of their school

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Mary Farah

Catholic Ladies' College VIC

Deep learning: old tools, new toolboxes

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Paul Newton

University of Alberta CANADA

A Critique of Professional Learning Communities in Canada from a Situated Cognition Perspective

Bayside 201
100 Theatre Style
Level 2

Helene Hiotis

Canterbury Girls' Secondary College VIC

Making Multiple Connections with our Students

Judy Munro-Keane

Evaluation Associates Ltd NZ

How Can I Get to Work There Too?

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Shireen Thomas

Youngtown Primary School TAS

"It's not secret business!  De-privatising our practice and promoting high performance through watching others work, peer feedback and reflective conversations."

Bayside 202
100 Theatre Style
Level 2

Keith Wilson

Service-Learning Australia QLD

Towards a National Service-Learning Program

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Howard Youngs

Department of Education, Unitec Institute of Technology NZ

The challenge of reaping from school-based learning initiatives. Sources of learning through the perspectives of school leaders, teachers and students

Daniel Pampuch

University of Queensland QLD

Generation Y: A rich harvest of potential school leaders

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Bayside 203
100 Theatre Style
Level 2

Darrell Latham

University of Otago NZ

How do teachers and principals perceive leadership under school based management?

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Peggy Burrows

Rangiora High School NZ

Building School Leadership Capacity: Leading for Learning, Learning for Leading

Shelley Quinlivan

Epsom Normal Primary School NZ

Learning Today: Sustaining Tomorrow. Rich learning and authentic community engagement

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Bayside 204 A
180 Theatre Style
Level 2

Cheryl Doig

Think Beyond Ltd  NZ

Global Leadership - why being networked matters

Anne Tonkin

Canterbury Primary School VIC

Altogether Now: Collaborating to Survive and Thrive

Kevin Choromanski

Pomaria Road School NZ

Leadership for Learning. Establishing an Innovative and Engaging 21st Century Learning Community

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Bayside 204 B
180 Theatre Style
Level 2

Stronger Smarter Institute
Part A: Stronger Smarter Learning Communities
Part B: School Renewal and building a culture of success

Stronger Smarter Institute
Part C: leadership for Change

Stronger Smarter Institute
Part A:   Eliminating Deficit Thinking - An Approach to Transformational Thinking   
Part B:  Deadly and Smart - Creating schools cultures that affirm a positive sense of Indigenous student identity

Bayside Terrace
325 Classroom Style
Level 2

Prof Patrick Griffin

Kevin Richardson

Christine Cawsey


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Parkside G01 
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Marie Perry

A.B.Paterson College QLD

Leadership - from Gen X to Gen Y and beyond

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Nada Jarni

Catholic Education Office VIC

Preparing the Field.Cultivating Educational Leaders (A Leadership Standards Framework at Work!)

Thamsanqa Thulani Bhengu

University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

School leadership and Teacher Development

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Parkside G02
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Caroline Dale

Good Grief Ltd  NSW

Kids Need Conversations Too

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Margaret Grogan

Claremont Graduate University USA

Leadership styles for the Connective Edge in an Interdependent World

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Alan Bentley

Wallan Primary School VIC

Building Leadership Capacity: A Coaching Approach

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Parkside G03
70 Classroom Style
Ground Floor

Cherie Taylor-Patel

Flanshaw Road School NZ

WAPA 2020 - A Cluster Approach to 21st Century Leadership and Learning

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Judy Anderson

The University of Sydney NSW

Implementing the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics K to 10: The place of problem solving and reasoning in mathematics learning

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Megan Pursche

Loreto College Normanhurst NSW

A Continually Reinventing School (a case study in change)