What is the CCEAM?

The CCEAM is an organisation dedicated to fostering cooperative and collaborative exchanges internationally amongst education leadership, administration and management professionals.

The CCEAM is affiliated to the CCfE (the Commonwealth Consortium for Education), which provides a forum through which the concerns of the CCEAM and its affiliated members can make representations and participate in Commonwealth activities. 

Aims of the CCEAM

The CCEAM aims to:

  • Foster links and exchanges in education administration, management and leadership
  • Encourage the development of national associations
  • Organise and support regional and international conferences
  • Promote international understanding and collaboration
  • Encourage the study, practice and preparation of education leaders

Information on the CCfE

The CCfE (the Commonwealth Consortium for Education) is a collection of commonwealth education organisations. The CCfE is run by a board, with its activities and co-ordinating role undertaken mostly by Peter Williams with the assistance of an intern.

More information pertaining to the CCfE can be found on their website by following this link http://www.commonwealtheducation.org/