Dear CCEAM members and colleagues

CCEAM Malta 2018 has been a significant success with over 150 international delegates from over 30 countries sharing new research and practice with local educators and policy makers.

Papers, roundtables and symposiums supporting the theme Professional Learning: a leadership opportunity and challenge focused on the central role that leaders and teachers play in creating opportunities to engage critically with the teaching and learning process. The conference focussed on four themes with the intent of giving researchers and practitioners alike the opportunity to share current research and present frameworks and strategies that are being used to successfully to bring about improved leadership, teaching and learning. These themes included:

Professional learning communities for school improvement

This strand focuses on research studies that examine the PLC model and how this framework leads to enhanced collaborative cultures and improved practices.

Communities of practice for learning improvement

This strand seeks proposals that explores what researchers and practitioners are doing to enhance the process of teaching and learning.  Areas such as lesson study, peer coaching and reflective practice are particularly relevant to this theme.

Capacity building for institutional growth

This strand calls out for proposals that explore the various forms that leadership can take such as distributed leadership, teacher leadership, and co-leadership that lead to increased collaborative capacities within the school.

Policy and Governance

The focus of this strand is to explore the impact of policy development on school governance, on the way different forms of governance support or inhibit school improvement. Special focus will be given on issues of accountability and sustainability.

Please click here to view the outstanding research presented at conference.

Warm regards from the Commonwealth.

Professor Paul Miller

CCEAM President